Maintaining Health With Fruit Watermelon

Maintain good health can be done by consuming fruits. One of the fruits that havegreat benefits, to maintain the health of the fruit is watermelon.
Fruit Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is a honeysuckle native to the temperate halfdesert in southern Africa. This plant is still one family with a gourd (Cucurbitaceae), melon (Cucumis melo) and cucumber (Cucumis sativus). Watermelon can be eatendirectly or made juice.
These plants propagate but could not make up the roots of adventif and can notclimb. The range is put can reach a dozen yards.
maintaining health with watermelon

Nutrient Content & Watermelon Nutrition

One watermelon fruit consists of 91 percent water and 6 percent sugar. Watermeloncontains several kinds of vitamins and the most prominent is vitamin c. Additionally,watermelon also contains the amino acid sitrulin, spantotenik acid, biotin, potassium,copper, potassium, and magnesium.
For more complete can be read on the table below:
Nilai nutrisi per 100 g (3.5 oz)
127 kJ (30 kcal)
7.55 g
6.2 g
0.4 g
0.15 g
0.61 g
91.45 g
Vitamin A equiv.
28 μg (3%)
0.033 mg (3%)
0.021 mg (1%)
0.178 mg (1%)
0.221 mg (4%)
0.045 mg (3%)
Folat (Vit. B9)
3 μg (1%)
8.1 mg (14%)
7 mg (1%)
0.24 mg (2%)
10 mg (3%)
11 mg (2%)
112 mg (2%)
0.10 mg (1%)

Watermelon fruit contains a carotenoid pigment colour in large numbers. The most prominent is likopen and beta carotene. One study showed that the content ofcarotenoids and other polyphenols anti oxidants are increasing while watermelonCook.

Watermelon Fruit benefits for health

Watermelon is rich in fito nutrients and anti oxidants which are very beneficial for health. The following benefits of watermelon for the health of the body:

 Maintain the body's fluid content

The content of electrolytes and water is high in watermelon is excellent for keepingthe body's fluid content. The fat content and calories is very low, only 30 calories per 100 g so that the weight will not increase if taking this sweet fruit. Food fiber in it thusdigestives and good for my diet.

Increase the durability of the body

Vitamin A and vitamin C in watermelon has an important role in maintaining thebody's durability. Vitamin A helps take care of mucous membranes so that germs are not easily contained within the body. While vitamin C is needed to keep the proteinproduction of killer viruses and germs.

Anti inflammatory

Likopen also serves as anti-inflammatory substances along with beta carotene andcucurbitacin E. this compound capable of inhibiting the activity of the enzymeoksigenase-siklo reaction and neutralizes the nitrogen-containing molecules.Therefore, a good watermelon is consumed to prevent inflammation. Sitrulin inwatermelon are also known to be able to maintain the stomach acid to normal.

Maintaining healthy kidneys

Watermelon is a diuretic because of sitrulinnya which can increase the amount ofurine out of the body. Potassium in watermelon are also capable of meluruhkan toxinsthat come out with the urine so as to help promote the health of the kidneys to make it more healthy.

Lowers the risk of cancer

Watermelon is rich in anti oxidants such as likopen flavonoids, beta carotene, lutein,zeaxanthin, and cyptoxanthin. Anti oxidants are known to prevent cancer of the colon, prostate, breast, endometrial, lung, cervical, and pancreas. Likopen content inwatermelon even higher than tomatoes. Fresh watermelon contain 4532: g likopenevery 100 grams, while the tomato only has 2573: g.
Likopen in watermelons spread out from the center of the meat pieces until closer tothe base and the tip of the fruit. One of the studies also show that the content of thiswatermelon in including likopen is stable despite already cut and put a refrigerator for up to seven days. Watermelon also has vitamins A and C, which is a natural anti oxidants. Total power of anti oxidants (ORAC value) in watermelon is $ 142 µmolTE/100 g.

Lowers the risk of heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure

Watermelon is a good source of potassium. Potassium is a component of cells andbody fluids that help control the heart rate and blood pressure, so it can lower the riskof heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure or hypertension.
Likopen and potassium in watermelon is also essential for maintaining heart health.While vitamins A and C help prevent oxidation of cholesterol that clogs blood vessels.Plus more, watermelon is known is rich in the amino acid content of sitrulin. Kidneywill turn sitrulin into arginine can help launch a blood circulation and preventsaccumulation of fat in the cells.

Maintaining bone health

In addition it is important for the heart, researchers believe that likopen is also very good for maintaining bone health. Watermelon also contains potassium which canretain calcium in the bone.

Strong medicine for men

A study at the University of Texas, A&M United States shows that the blood vesselsare more smoothly due to sitrulin can improve erections in men. Sitrulin onwatermelon is also found in the flesh of the fruit, but higher on the white part or peel.In addition, watermelon also contains the amino acid sitrulin, spantotenik acid, copper, biotin, potassium, a nutrient Value per 100 g (3.5 oz)

So some watermelon fruit benefits for maintaining health.


The Benefits of Fruit and Vegetable Juice for Health

Maintaining healthy doesn't have to be in a way that is difficult and expensive. Consume a healthy diet helps to maintain good health.

Green vegetables and fruit are cooked great efficacy for health has, especially the results of organic farming, which does not use chemicals for planting and maintenance. In addition to great to help the process of Detox, also contain many substances that much needed body. Even with the appropriate measure, vegetables and fruit can be used for healing therapy.
vegetables and fruit for health

However, consume green vegetables and fruit in the form of juice (which could be summarised) would be great. It can be described as follows:

1. Vegetable and fruit consumption in its original condition, including the solid food that takes a few hours to digest and absorbed by the body. Whereas if it is consumed in the form of a sari can be easily digestible and can be quickly absorbed by the body.

2. Vegetables and Fruit Juice will quickly meet the needs of the body and make the body's tissues can quickly build new cells to replace damaged cells.

3. Nutrient vegetables and fruit in the fruit and vegetable juice, not on its lees.

4. By consuming vegetables and fruit juice will be able to include more nutrients into the body rather than eat in the form of solid. Because if consumed in the form of a solid it will be quickly full.

To make this fruit and vegetables juice, we can use a special tool juicer, or with grated or blended then squeezed/filtered. However, to make use of fruit and vegetable juice blend is not recommended adding water, as water volume if added will multiply whereas fixed which could be summarized, so if drink it will be quickly filled, which could be summarized in just a little while.

Arguably the most flattering way to bear fruit and vegetable juice with the juicer or shredded.

To get optimal benefits, we need more than the dregs of his which could be summarized, unless we want to quickly full.


Systems of the human body and its functions

Organ systems are a group of organs that work together for one goal.
The human body is composed of approximately 75 trillion cells that always works, has the task of each, and can work both with an outstanding management system.

The human brain is composed of approximately 10 billion complex, but great work together and knows each task, as well as work automatically with the speed which is pretty amazing. The brain regulates automatically how the heart has to beat, your lungs take oxygen from the air, regulate the digestive system, release digestive enzymes it needs with the right amount of time incoming food, regulate the body's defense system against disease, and more. Everything works automatically with a regular rhythm.

Several organs can be part of more than one system: for example, the pancreas is part of the digestive and endocrine systems in mammals.  Although the details may vary, all mammals, including humans, have the same organ system, ten in terms of function: digestive, circulatory, respiratory, urinary, nerve, muscle, bone, reproduction, endocrine and integumentary.

Some organs work together to form organ systems, there are many organ systems in the human machine, among other things:

The Respiratory System

The Respiratory System

Consists of the respiratory tract, from the nasal cavity, larynx, and lungs. Its function is to place the oxygen into the bloody and pull out the remaining substance metabolism are carbon dioxide and water vapor to the outside of the body.
This system allows the body to absorb oxygen – needed to extract energy from food –and to expel carbon dioxide, which is a byproduct of this process which should not reach levels toxic. The respiratory system consists of the lungs and Airways. Air duct is divided again over and over in each lung, the alveoli at the end – a small cavity of the oxygen absorbed by red blood cells, and where the flow of carbon dioxide, which will be issued when the animal breathed out.

The circulatory system

The circulatory system

Consists of the heart, blood vessels, blood and lymphatic circulatory system.
The circulatory system functions that are responsible for transporting nutrients and oxygen throughout the body to where they are needed, and to protect the body against disease-causing organisms. Both functions are sometimes classed separately as the lymphatic and cardiovascular system, respectively. Cardiovascular organs are the heart, blood vessels, and blood. The lymphatic system involving glands such as the spleen and thymus, which generate or modify cells called lymphocytes that are released into the bloodstream and destroy harmful organisms.

The System excretion

System excretion

Digestion, and others, is the process in which the body produces a number of waste materials that is released into the blood stream, and will accumulate to produce a number of toxic if not removed. Excretion system, which consists of the kidneys, bladder, and a connecting tube, provides the means to remove these substances.
This system organizes the global residual substances outside the body metabolism: urine is issued via the kidneys; perspiration secreted through the skin; bile secreted by the liver; carbon dioxide gas and water vapor expelled through respiration.
In addition, there is also a residual substance expenses the gut in the form of the stool that is expelled through the anus. Excretion system functions are important because the substance could poison the rest of the body if not removed.

The Digestive System

The Digestive System

Consists of the digestive tract, from the mouth, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, colon, intestine, anus to the SINKHOLE. In addition, the digestive system is also aided by the gland-gland that AIDS digestion, such as salivary gland, pancreas gland, and the liver produces bile. Functions of the digestive system are to prevent the food that goes into a meal offering that will be used by the body.
The function of this organ system is to change the essential nutrients in the food into a form that can be absorbed by the body. The digestive system consists of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver and intestines. After the food has been chewed, it goes into the stomach, where the enzymes that digest the proteinuria are released, then into the intestine, where nutrients are absorbed. Absorption is aided by a liquid secreted by the pancreas and the liver, which helps in the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats.

Skeletal System

Skeletal System

As the name suggests, this system is basically the framework, although it also includes the ligaments and cartilage. The most obvious function of the bone to form this framework is to provide support for the body, but they also help protect vulnerable organs and serves as a lever for skeletal muscle pull something. Other functions, still less obvious, is the production of blood cells in the bone marrow, and storage of essential minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, which can be released when needed.

The nervous system

The nervous system

The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and sensory organs. Its function is twofold. First, it allows external stimuli, such as sights, sounds, smells and sensations to the sensory organs are conveyed from the brain, where they are interpreted. Second, it allows a signal to be sent from the brain through the spinal cord and nerves, muscles, causing them to move as directed.

There are two types of the nervous system, namely:
The autonomic nervous system, which works automatically without being able to consciously ruled, for example setting of breathing, heart rate, digestion of food, enzyme, hormone production, and so on. The autonomic nervous system is the key to Automation machine the human body.
The motor nervous system could consciously rule, for example, muscle-skeletal muscle can we order for driven where and what it looks like.

The muscular system

The muscular system

Muscle is composed of, a long thin cells can contract causes movement. The muscular system involves three types of muscles: skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle.
Skeletal Muscle

Skeletal muscle under conscious control, and moving when directed to do so by the brain.

Heart Muscle

 Just in the heart of autonomous work, also without being able to consciously rule.

 Smooth Muscle

 Found in the organs of the body such as the intestines, blood vessels, lung, and others. This muscle can be ruled without autonomous working consciously.

The endocrine system

The endocrine system

This system is related to the production of various hormones that maintain the body chemistry and affect many body functions. It is controlled by the hypothalamus gland in the brain, but it involves a lot of other organs, including the thyroid gland, the pituitary gland, kidneys and pancreas. Hormones are produced by the endocrine system affect the growth, sexual development, the absorption of water and energy consumption, among others.

This system serves to produce the hormone hormones that regulate growth and balance of fluids and electrolytes the body systems. The endocrine system is made up of, the pituitary gland located at the base of the cerebrum and is the largest gland as an activity of other glands, mammary glands, son of mumps mumps, glandular childkidney, pancreas glands, genital glands, thymus gland's DNA.

The Reproductive System

The Reproductive System

The reproductive system is related to the production of cells that come together to form a new organism, by creating the possibility of fertilization of the egg cell, and by ensuring the development of secure early offspring. Organs differ between men and women.
In men, the main ones are the testes, prostate and penis, while in women, the major organs are the ovaries, uterus and vagina. The ovaries produce eggs that are fertilized by male sperm, produced in the testes. The embryo then develops inside the womb or uterus.

Integumentary system

The system integument or covering is better known as skin, hair and nails. Its functions to protect the body from injury, water loss and infections; to prevent excess heat by producing sweat; and to create vitamin D, which is produced in response to sunlight. Hair also keeps the body warm in cold weather.


Simple ways to keep your heart health

The heart is the main organ in control the blood circulation in the body. Disturbed blood circulation causes disease, even a cessation of circulation can lead to death.

Therefore maintaining the health of your heart is important organ. Here are some steps that can be done to make the heart in order to remain healthy.

Here are Simple ways to keep your heart health:

Do Sports regularly

The first way that you should do to maintain heart health is diligently working out. In addition to making the Agency be fit, sports turned out to be also capable of maintaining heart health. The heart is a muscle that needs to be trained on a regular basis to keep it in top condition.

Sport exercises such as brisk walking, swimming, jogging or cycling may provide the best exercise for your heart.

Research of the New England Journal of Medicine says by doing a light path as long as 2.5 hours a week, you can cut one-third the risk of heart attack and stroke. The activity can also increase the levels of good cholesterol in the blood.
Sport and laughs are good for maintaining heart health

 Avoid Fatty Foods

Wicked fat many conceived by greasy food will clog the blood vessels that are used as the main access to the blood to the heart. In addition, the fat will also make a person’s cholesterol levels to rise. 

The second thing of course is very dangerous for the health of the human body. Therefore, avoid foods that contain a lot of fat nasty like duck fries, fried foods and foods – foods that contain a lot of oil.

The consumption of chocolate

Foods that one is often avoided due to its perceived can lead to obesity. But don't get me wrong, its benefits too much. You only need to select one of the jellies. Dark chocolate contains flavonoid and magnesium that can lower bad cholesterol levels. In addition, there is also content of stearic acid that is one of the friendly FATS to heart as well as antioxidants that may block free radicals damage the artery walls. Make sure you consume chocolate containing 70% cocoa to get its benefits.

 Consumption of seafood

The food came from the sea can ' lubricate ' your heart because it contains omega 3 fatty acids can lower the risk of cardiac arrhythmias, the levels of bad cholesterol, high blood pressure and blood clotting.

 Maintain Ideal Body Weight

Being overweight will indeed cause many diseases. One of the diseases caused by obesity is a disease of the heart. Piles of excessive fat around the body makes the heart cannot work to its full potential. This then there will be continuous until the person is aware that he has heart disease that had already entered the stage of imminent danger.

 White Water Consumption

To keep my heart stay healthy, you can also do it by consuming water with more than usual. If you usually drink plain water as much as 8 glasses, then from now on make it a habit to drink at least eight glasses of water each day. Do this every day habits so you can feel healthy and always fresh.
Do not save the heartache

A joint study from San Diego State University and University of Pittsburgh proved that very satisfying married life can reduce the attack factors of heart disease. 

Research conducted on 493 women aged between 42-50 this year observing time together, communication, sexual life, hobbies, characters and more. A similar thing was also mentioned in the book of Heartbreak Heart Disease & written by Dr. Stephen t.Sinatra. 

In the book it says the inner pressure caused by emotions on hold from heartbroken, too sad, until with a sense of hostile and rage, can lead to blockage of the aorta the heart You the effect similar to that of oxidation of cholesterol, insulin, metal toxicity, radiation and blood curdling and sticky.

Multiply the smiles and laughs

The next step is to keep your heart stay healthy is by way of amplifying a smile. With a smile, the blood vessels in the body will open wider again. This then allows blood to flow freely to the heart without a certain obstacle.

With a laugh, you lose the known stress hormones can damage the protective layer of blood vessels. When you're stressed, heart received larger doses of adrenaline. This can lead to heart rhythm disorders and increased platelet Sticky that ultimately resulted in the narrowness of the artery. A hormone that is released when a person’s depression can also affect cardiovascular health. Because of this, sufferers of depression should get

Keep your dental health

According to a study conducted in 2006, Dental Hospital, Sidney, bacteria Can enter blood vessels from unhealthy gums. This can lead to inflammation of the lining of the artery-damaging. You brush your teeth at least twice a day and visit your dentist regularly.

Rest with the sleep

People who sleep less than five hours a night are likely to experience a mineral buildup of calcium in the blood vessels of the heart that someday may rupture and cause a heart attack and stroke.
Research results of The Journal of the American Medical Association in 495 adults showed that the number of people affected by liming the artery can be lowered 1 out of 10 people by adding extra hours of sleep. Ideal bedtime is 6-7 hours a day.

Stop smoking

Smoking does cause a lot of problems for health. Also not good for the health of the lungs, smoking is also not good for heart health. The content of substances –substances with their toxicity little by little will damage vital organs – organs in the body such as heart and Lung-lung. Although the effect is not directly, but smoking has been proven to cause various health problems.

Cigarettes contain more than 600 chemicals which can damage cells in the arteries. It can trigger inflammation that can cause increased cholesterol in heart. The good news, a year after you stop smoking, the risk of the exposed heart disease decreased by up to 50 percent.

So some simple ways you can try to maintain heart health. Keep in mind that preventing is better than cure. Therefore keep your heart health before heart disease true – right to attack you. Read also the article about how to maintain kidney health, may be useful :)


How to Maintain Kidney Health

The kidney is one of the organs which are instrumental for maintaining the body's health, by means of disposing of hazardous substances through the urine. Little interruption in the kidneys will make health body also disturbed. Therefore, maintaining the health of the kidney is very important thing done so that our bodies are always in good condition.

In the body there is a pair of kidneys that is located in the area near the waist. The size of the length of one human kidney organs about 10 cm and weight ranges of more than 200 grams.

Even though it's been trying to take care of him, but number of sufferers of kidney disease up to now has not been reduced, and thus rise. After investigation, it turns out they are using improper ways.

Maintain Kidney Health
Here are tips on how to maintain kidney health:

1. Adjust eating patterns

Food becomes one point is important in maintaining the health of the kidneys. That set the pattern for the Fed could become the first a priority action to do. This is a powerful tip to keep and care for the health of your kidneys. Choose foods like fruits, vegetables, especially that in cropping with no chemical fertilizers (organic) as well as Shun processed foods, reduce excess salt consumption, as well as consumption fish or white meat without fat.

2. Actively moving and exercising on a regular basis

Your kidneys can be the easiest way, i.e. a physical activity. With active moves will stimulate the body's organ systems to participate actively. With regular sporting activity of organs of the body systems will be maintained on a regular basis.

3. Drinking white water

Drinking water helps the kidneys to filter waste toxins in the body. A good whitewater is water that does not contain minerals. Indeed our body needs minerals, inorganic minerals but it’s not. Your body needs is a mineral that can be obtained from organic vegetable and fruit that we census. White water drinks 6-8 glasses a day or tailored to age and weight. It's very good to keep and care for the health of your kidneys.

4. Keep your Weight

Excessive weight will make a lot of health problems. One of them is kidney disease. The fat that was covered in the stomach and surrounding areas will make the kidneys become felt tightness so that makes it a little difficult in the process the urine. As a result, any kidney disease come approached. Therefore, keep your weight so that it is always the ideal way to avoid the foods that contain a lot of fat is bad for the body.

5. Stay away from Alcohol

Alcohol can be a destroyer of kidneys the most fabulous, because alcohol damagekidneys generally are often unconscious. 

This is because the alcohol that is consumed is generally processed into delicious drinks, so that people will be happy to take it.Because it is essentially a human does have passion for something tasty tasty. It is not surprising if many people who become alcoholics.

6. Blood pressure Control

Kidney disease is triggered by high blood pressure. During the last five years in getting data from the IRR who expose that as much as 35% kidney disease caused by high blood pressure.

Blood pressure is one of the things that can affect the kidney condition. Outrageously high blood pressure will make a person at risk of having kidney disease. That's why you need to keep your blood pressure in a way always think with clear and calm and did not put forward the emotions. Though seem trivial, but that way is pretty powerful in maintaining the balance of blood pressure so that the health of your kidneys will be assured.

7. Avoid Stress

Stress that attack you make blood pressure go up and become as previously described, if high blood pressure and your risk of developing kidney disease became more considerable.

8. Avoid unnecessary drug consumption

The drug can indeed help cure disease. However, the actual consumption of the drug in a measure that does not fit precisely can be toxic in the body. Especially of drugs made from chemicals.

Taking the drug should be made only on a time body is unable to cope with a disease that strikes. As long as the body is still able to handle it themselves, not needed outside help in the form of the drug. Because the body's organ systems are actually designed to keep, maintain and improve yourself. We just need to keep their functions running normally, with a pattern of healthy living.

Health becomes a priceless treasure for us. Can we feel on the condition of the sick? For if we will be spending the time and cost of which is not a little. Therefore, we should still maintain the health of our body.


5 simple ways to maintain good health

Maintaining health is better than cure. Since maintaining health only requires fewer sacrifice, than on treating disease.

There are many ways of maintaining health that can be done, some of them are:
1. keep your diet
Keep your diet is very important so that we can arrange just about anything that can get into your body and what should not be eaten.
In addition to the content of the foods you should eat, the clock settings must also be irregular so that your stomach is not problematic. Eat when hungry and stop before the full food portion, set to taste as you need.
Do not eat excessively because many impacts that will occur as the increase of the weight or even stimulate the onset of disease.

maintaining health with diet

2. Fasting
One of the benefits of fasting is to Detox. Detoxification process that expenditure of toxins in the body. In addition to removing the toxins in the body, fasting is also a way to rest the digestive apparatus.
There are many more benefits of fasting, for you who want to always be healthy and fit is highly recommended to do a fasting at least 2 times a week.

3. keep clean
Hygiene is the main thing that you should consider if you want to have a healthy body. If the unattended automated hygiene, bacteria, germs and viruses very easily reach your body.
Keep hygiene on your body by way of washing hands before eating and after working on something to make my hands dirty.
Besides this wash 2 times a day, every morning before work and evening work when done. Not just the body must be kept clean, remember the environment clean is also important!

4. Sports

This is one thing that cannot be missed if it is being discussed about health. Yes, the sport has proven to be very healthy body.
By exercising can unleash a circulation which is useful for heart health and may improve concentration. Exercise can also increase bone density, it's good to prevent Osteoporosis.

5. avoid Stress
Stress cannot be eliminated, but it can be reduced and avoided. Do positive activities spur you to be creative, so the things that trigger your stress can be forgotten for a moment.

5 ways to maintain the health of the body that have been described above hopefully can help you to prevent the arrival of the disease of your body!